Areas of Expertise

  • Community Retail Center
  • Neighborhood Retail Center
  • Office - Class B/C
  • Industrial Flex
  • Medical Office

A Tenant Rep is a commercial real estate (CRE) agent that advocates in the best interest of his or her client while searching for and procuring commercial lease space. During my years as a small business owner, I often used the services of CRE agents and, on occasion, located lease space and negotiated lease terms on my own.  In both cases, I discovered an inherent truth about the CRE market—Landlords can be TOUGH!

The first hard lesson that I had to learn is that logic and reason do not always prevail in lease negotiations. Most landlords have significant experience in the CRE market, either personally or through the use of experienced CRE professionals. In addition, landlords have business objectives and personal goals that may result in negotiating positions that seem unreasonable to a prospective tenant. The combination of these factors often creates a process that leaves business owners and entrepreneurs feeling frustrated and disadvantaged.

An experienced Tenant Rep can be invaluable in these situations. Tenant Reps have access to tools that allow them to determine market rate for rent, expenses, TI allowance and other concessions in the client’s target geographic area. Knowledge of market conditions empowers clients when they are considering offers and counteroffers for prospective CRE space. By communicating this information to clients, Tenant Reps help establish realistic expectations with respect to market dynamics and increase the chances of a successful search.

As your Tenant Rep, I will make sure that you are never disadvantaged due to a lack of knowledge or experience. Combining industry leading tools and the considerable market resources of Coldwell Banker Commercial, you can feel confident that you are on a level playing field in every negotiation and transaction.

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